Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coatings are the tried and tested way of protecting buildings and ultimately people and lives.


Water-Based Intumescent Coatings

We use water-based technology, which gives a smooth finish in a faster time than other methods. Given the environmental benefits of water based coatings then these products are now the preferred choice among specifiers and applicators alike.

Solvent-Based Intumescent Coatings

For when environments are exposed or semi-exposed then solvent based  products still provide an answer in obtaining an excellent finish in a reasonable time frame.

Rapid-Cure Systems



Our primers work in harmony with protective intumescent.

Top Seals

Top Seals are the final element, designed to make the finished steel work look good, but also to protect the intumescent basecoat underneath. Always make sure that the top seal is compatible with the basecoat.

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